How To Use File Explorer In Windows 10

The File Explorer In Windows 10 (Formerly known as Windows Explorer) as your way into your Pc, whether you are looking for settings, files and folders or peripherals. File Explorer Windows 10, this is often where your search begins. File Explorer Windows 10 is pinned to the taskbar for a reason. There are plenty of new tools to get acclimated to, though the basic layout and functionality of File Explorer for Windows 10 is pretty much familiar to the to anyone who has used Windows XP or later.

File Explorer In Windows 10

File Explorer for Windows 10 has the functionality to do many things in order to have your recent files, folders, some important stuff etc.

But it sometimes shows file explorer in Windows 10 crashes, file explorer in Windows 10 not responding, file explorer in Windows 10 not working etc.

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How To Use File Explorer In Windows 10

Quick Access:

The Quick Access area, which is by default is the first section of navigation pane in the left-hand column, is essentially a “Bookmarks” bar in the new File Explorer in Windows 10. It shows your most recent files, folders, folders that you manually assign to this area to quickly get to from any folder in Windows 10. Just right click on any folder that you have to “Pin” then click on the “Pin To Quick Access”.

Pin to quick access

To remove a folder from a Quick Access view, simply click “Pin” icon to the right side of that folder. To remove frequently accessed folders, right click the folder then select “Remove From Quick Access”.

Unpin from quick access

If you don’t like Quick Access Windows 10 and would rather prefer to start-up File Explorer Windows 10 with the old “This Pc” view instead, just click on “File” in file explorer, then click on the “Change Folder And Search Option” in “Folder Options” you will see “Open File Explorer To” change the “Quick Access” to “This Pc” after doing that you will be able to remove Quick Access from the File Explorer Windows 10 and you can now view “This Pc” instead of “Quick Access” in File Explorer.

Quick Access

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The Ribbon And Taskbar:

By unchecking the “Minimize The Ribbon” you can make more changes to the appearance of the File Explorer pane. You can do this by right clicking on the Head of the File Explorer and uncheck the “Minimize The Ribbon” and you will see much more options by you can work more on.

File Explorer In Windows 10

As far as the taskbar goes, again there aren’t many changes from the way everything worked in Windows 8. You can right-click to get the jump list, showing pinned items and frequently used folders, and it’s possible to unpin File Explorer in Windows 10 from the taskbar through the same menu. Click on the icon with your mouse scroll wheel or press Ctrl+N in File Explorer Windows 10 to create a new browsing window.

How To Use File Explorer In Windows 10 {5 Ways To Open File Explorer}

Step 1: Press Windows key + E on your keyboard.

This will start File Explorer in Windows 10 immediately.

Step 2: Use the File Explorer shortcut on the taskbar.

File Explorer in Windows 10 is on the taskbar by default.

Step 3: Use Cortana

With the help of Cortana, just type in the Cortana Search box “File Explorer” and the pop-up will appear of File Explorer, click on it.

Step 4: Use File Explorer shortcut from the Start Menu

Just click on the “Start Menu” (The Windows Icon situated on very left of the screen), you will see the “File Explorer” option.

Step 5: Create a File Explorer shortcut and pin it to Desktop

By doing this step, you will be able to access File Explorer from the Desktop itself.

This is how to use File Explorer in Windows 10, and the File Explorer shortcuts by which you can easily access. I have lined all the important process to use file explorer in Windows 10. Hope this guide solved your problem, please share with your friends and family so that they can enjoy using File Explorer in Windows 10. Like us on Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Pinterest.


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