How Do I Sync My Settings In Windows 10

How do i sync my settings in Windows 10, In this how-to guide I will show you the most effective way to Sync settings in Windows 10. You can Sync my settings and can share same settings, wallpaper, themes and other stuff on multiple computers with the same operating system. Those Microsoft user’s upgraded to Windows 10 must need to know How do i sync my settings in Windows 10 by which you can share your favourites.

Those users who are thinking what Synchronization does? Here is the answer to this, Synchronization helps you to share the same settings, Themes, Music and videos, and many other things on multiple computers. Once you enable these settings in the computers, you can start using all the settings and apps stored on the other computers.

How Do I Sync My Settings In Windows 10

The Synchronization, hence, it a great stuff to connect to multiple computers with your same settings which are stored in your system. This guide is all about How do i sync my settings in Windows 10 and How do i sync my settings in Windows 10 mobile.

NOTE: You must have a Microsoft Account to do the process of Sync Settings In Windows 10

How Do I Sync My Settings In Windows 10

The synchronization is easy to apply in Windows 10, Here is the process to do Sync settings in Windows 10.

  • In Windows 10 Go to the “Settings” option.

Windows 10 settings

  • Under Settings Click on “Accounts” option, you will see the “Sync Your Settings” option click on it.

Windows 10 Accounts

  • Now, in Sync Your Settings option, you will see on the right side “Sync Your Settings” and “Sync Settings”. Put Sync Settings “ON” so you can Sync your setting on Onedrive.

sync your settings

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How Do I Sync My Settings In Windows 10 {Individual Sync Settings}

You can now put your individual sync settings which are listed below to “Sync Your Settings” when you turned the button to “ON“.

This is the master sync switch are the individual sync settings, these are the settings that will carry over from one computer to other that you log into your Microsoft Account.

  • The first individual setting is your “Theme” will sync your colour, background choices.
  • Then you have the “Web Browser Settings”, the new default browser in Windows 10 is the Edge Browser. So, these sync settings will apply on Edge browser, be it bookmarks, theme, log-in and so on.
  • The “Passwords” any passwords you store on one Windows 10 machine can be synced to the others so you don’t have to always retype them all.
  • The “Language Preferences” which is useful if you use Windows multilingually.
  • Similarly, if you use “Ease Of Access” sync settings, then whatever adjustments you have made on your one system to its accessibility will carry over to all your Windows system.
  • Finally, there’re  rather vague “Other Windows settings”, which we can only assume means desktop items such as window accents, taskbar position, and so on.

individual sync settings

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So, this is How do i sync my settings in Windows 10 and How do i sync my settings in Windows 10 mobile. Hope this guide helped you with your Sync settings. I have listed the process in an efficient manner ( Make sure you have one Microsoft Account). Share with your friends and family to know about the process of Sync settings in Windows 10. Like and share this article on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest.


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