What Does Defer Upgrades In Windows 10 Mean?

Defer upgrades in Windows 10 mean? Your Windows 10 operating system may have the defer upgrades option for Windows update. This option allows you to hold on your Windows 10 updates for several months. Basically, it holds down your upgrades of Windows 10 to your Pc.

Defer Upgrades In Windows 10

Update Windows 10 is very important to keep your system secure from various viruses and Malware. Windows 10 update secure your system from threats and it also increases the performance of your system and keeps Windows features Up-to-date.

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Explanation By Microsoft:

Some Windows 10 editions let you defer upgrades to your Pc. When you defer upgrades, new Windows features won’t be downloaded or installed for several months. Deferring upgrades doesn’t effect security updates. Note that deferring upgrades will prevent you from getting the latest Windows features as soon as they’re available

This explanation gives some idea of what’s the defer upgrade is but it’s not very specific.

Which Windows 10 Can Defer Upgrades?

As many editions runs on the Windows 10 Home edition. While the Professional, Enterprise, and Education edition of Windows 10 all have the defer upgrades option. Defer upgrades in Windows 10 home, it is the standard version of Windows 10 you will get on most of the new Pc that offers Windows 10 free upgrades but the defer upgrades option is not there in the Windows 10 Home edition.

You can defer upgrades in Windows 10 Home edition into Upgrades in Windows 10 pro edition by paying an amount of $99.

H0w long Feature Upgrades Be Delayed?

As the policy of Upgrades, Feature upgrades can be delayed several months. Microsoft did not specify that how many months can defer upgrades be delayed, but it is clear that you can defer these upgrades as many times as you can.

You can manually check for updates in Windows 10. It is under Settings >> Update and security >> Windows update >> Check for updates in Windows 10. 

Check for updates in Windows 10

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Why Should You Defer Upgrades In Windows 10?

You can defer upgrades to ensure the latest features the Microsoft has introduced. However, the defer upgrades in Windows 10 Home will get first. Not sure about the new policy of deferring upgrades by the Microsoft . If there is any problem with an update, it should be found and fixed by the time they become compulsory on Windows 10 professional.

If you would like to test the major updates to ensure that they don’t break the important business software of yours, then you can defer upgrades, but as Microsoft recommend you will not get upgrades immediately. If you are eagerly wanted the latest features on your Windows 10 Pc, then don’t enable this option on you Windows 10 Home edition.

In addition to these builds, users can opt-in to test preview builds of new features as Windows Insiders, just as people could test preview builds of Windows 10 before it was released.

Get insider builds

So, should you enable the defer upgrades in Windows 10 option? well, it’s up to you, but in case you want to get new features and Windows changes on your PC like all the Windows 10 Home edition users do, Leave the option as disabled. If you like to put off the feature updates and Windows changes until the most of the testing is done then you should go for the enabled defer upgrades option.

I hope this guide on defer upgrades in Window 10 helped you understand what is defer upgrades in Windows 10 and how you can check for updates in Windows 10 Pc. Follow us on Google +, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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